Hello Prekariat

?Blog 18 Feb 2018:  Introducing the Prekariat.

I heard a new word a few days back; and heard it in such a way that the poet in me merged with the political economist: and I had immediately to find out what it meant. And it was in none of my dictionaries… that are admittedly now all somewhat elderly, like their owner.

In context I had been following one of the many talks on business strategy that feed through on YouTube; and the relevant file ended while I was consolidating my notes. As you probably know, unless you hit a cancel button within a few seconds the auto shift takes over and an algorithm that has decided what your interests are, opens another, relatively random file, and that happened while I was distracted…

So there was a load of chatter in the background of my awareness and suddenly an authoritative voice, that was so confidently assertive it caught my attention, announced to the world that it was imminently: “Off to Brussels to represent “The Prekariat”.

WTF I thought … am I suddenly in a Sci-Fi channel movie…  Or,  back with something as weird as the Annunaki?    What is “The Prekariat” that it required such an authoritative delivery, of something previously unknown… and found it not in my dictionaries?

What I discovered when I eventually Googled the word, was at once: diskoncerting, satisfying and fascinating.

Most satisfying was the discovery that I was not alone.

Diskoncerting was the realization that this company, I was now apparently keeping, is on an escalating growth curve. So I will inevitably have more and more friends, and how will we all live?

And how will we all live is the single most important question to be answered over the next half century… and either we are already working on this with all seriousness… or is the reason why the person who coined the term Prekariat describes our kolektive emergence as being potentially extremely dangerous.

This word appeared on my journey to indicate why I felt that those people who think of themselves as “Liberals” are staring heavily at what the Chinese call a “Grey Rhino”. And broadly that Grey Rhino was the discovery that again piqued my fascination.

Assuming you haven’t hit the Google ‘word check’ button….  and are still intrigued, curious or maybe even indifferent to what this “new” word Prekariat means… it refers to a condition that is precarious… i.e.: lacks positive prediktability or security… a condition that on an economic level, to which its ‘coiner’ [sic] applies it, dramatically affects material and psychological welfare of the Prekariatee [sic] [Me in this instance… You maybe… One who exists prekariously in a financial sense.].

So what does all this mean, what does it have to do with Liberalism’s alleged shortcomings and how does this knowledge affect your thinking going forward… since forward is the only way our time machine allows us to go? 

To be continued…. in our next: blog of blogs.

Loves ya all.


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