Jonker Memorandum



Welcome to the story of The Jonker Memorandum© – a cyber-serial© in 86   episodes.


“The Jonker Memorandum is an Mzansian myth about the ambiguity of memory regarding how the world ‘ended’ – and what happened afterwards.”


It is also [of course] about beautiful princesses who are apparently “rescued”, and heroic [if perhaps disreputable] escapades… and other curiosities.


Remember that at some stage in your listening pleasure, i would be pleased to receive a donation from you, the listener.


Thank you and keep on listening.


Now click on the link [above] that says Podcast Or, as you my have noticed, you can hover over the link that says “Jonker Memorandum” and the podcast link will be revealed.

One thought on “Jonker Memorandum

  1. Some say that it takes a lifetime of reflecting to realize how immensely blessed we are. But after precisely 5 months out of high school I realized that having a man of your intellectual capacity as my teacher in school and life was a life-long blessing. Although it took me an eternity to figure out most pieces, I have to say that the work you display on your website is of tremendous quality, sir.. And I take a lot of pride in the fact that I can say that I had you as a mentor growing up. You sir definitely create a great influence in the lives of those who are privileged enough to witness the master in you and your writings and may you keep on stimulating both old and young minds for a long time.

    Greetings Mr. Willie,
    Elizandro Casteira

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