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The following is what could ultimately be an inexhaustible list of people: family, friends, and literary sources that have led me on my journey to the conclusion of this tale.


This work, The Jonker Memorandum, has accumulated over many years, fitting somewhere each day into the bric a brac of daily existence, moving along at about a 100 words a day, and so the list of ‘contributors’ could be endless.

For the most part life has been so hectic that simply surviving, as an increasingly aging, sixties dropout, who was somehow contriving to hold his life together [aren’t we all?] while figuring out how to tell the story, was in itself an entire story, which i shall not trouble you with here for i’m sure you’ll recognise it as something akin to your own.

In first place of thanks: Without Diane [Di] holding the ship together since forever we would never have made it to this point… So thank you. Number one goes to you with love. To my children:Dael,Donna-Sian and Siobhan [Chev] your unflagging enthusiasm for what i do has been a source of sustenance. Thank you also for your informed assistance when desperation loomed.

My friend and confidante over decades: Vasily [Basil] Papatheophilou… who recently asked me whether this story bore any resemblance to an idea i had shared with him nearly thirty years ago… Some, i said, but much of it is since: post, wake-up time. A scientist by training, an historian by inclination: Vasily revels in intrigue and has been a wonderful friend.

A particular debt of gratitude too, to the late David Gordon, Musician and Mathematician extraordinaire, whose shock passing this year [2011], left me bereft: both, of a dear friend, and rich source of discourse on the more complex philosophically scientific aspects of the story.

Similarly the late Ed Eastwood, with whom i sourced ancient rock paintings in remote regions. We ‘hung out’ under the stars as the ancients did, ‘Capturing the Spoor’, as he put it in the title of his later book on the subject, of what sustained them through the eons: while we sustained ourselves with nourishing liquids.

Nourishing liquids also sustained my many meetings with old friend Kenneth H. G…….. Kenneth, a successful businessman and high pressure risk taker, would rail at me for failing to write what ‘ollywood and the literary marketeers wanted. A contrarian by nature your perspectives too, have nourished me and your insights and contributions have also been valued: if sometimes, seemingly ignored.

To my friend Tony Manning MD. Thank you too for your sustenance and always perceptive observations. Thank you too for keeping me alive: to do all this. To my shifting patterns of associates over the years, particularly, fellow students at the dojo where i have trained for many years and the many colleagues who may have contributed a thought or an idea: one of which was to do exactly this, podcast … cell’ phone book. When i was despairing some years back, some anonymous colleague put a piece on ‘cell phone stories, from Time magazine, in my staff meeting room post box. Thank you. Then it was Myrtle, who suggested the Land bridge, and you’ll have to listen to find out where. Thanks to both and all of you.

Jenny de Wet read the text for grammar and things that seemed inconsistent; and gave the story a reasonably clean bill of health: Thank you Jenny, too, for your often useful, always informative, and insightful observations.

My students too, have contributed over the years in ways often too devious to comprehend, let alone put down on paper. Some have lent their names to this story for some of the characters.You know who you are so i won’t embarrass you publicly [unless you ask me to]. To all of you who ever sat/stood/moved in my classroom, wherever it was: whether high school, hotel convention centre, random facilities in weird places, my own facilities [often also in weird places ] or even boardrooms; i learned as much from all of you as you may have learned from me.

The ideas presented in this story are not of themselves unique and i owe a huge debt to many thousands of other writers and general media commentators who have contributed to the being me of me: I can’t mention you all. Apart from the omnipresent TV pumping on many satellite news and other informative channels that simply wash across me as i write, i have thousands of books surrounding me, as i write this. In my alter-ego role as performing artist, i started way back when i was four, piping out Gilgamesh to polite audiences; I have played more than a hundred roles since. I have played Jaques de Molay, Marc Antony and Nietzsche, and in my 66th year: Socrates.

What i can say is that; top of my Premier League is Elmore Leonard, followed by Friedrich Nietzsche, Herman Charles Bosman, Charles Van Onselen, J.M.Coetzee, Leon Louw and Credo Mutwa. Add to that Isaac Asimov and Frank Herbert and she of the supercharged romantic epic, Ayn Rand: plus that other supercharged writer: the feminist, Camille Paglia… not to mention the magnificent power of Hannah Arendt: and in the back there, somewhere, probably: Big Ears and Noddy: it is i recall, a free for all. I am influenced inexorably by each person i read and am proof of what Tennessee Williams said, “that we read, [and listen]: to discover that we are not alone”.

Specifically: i would like to acknowledge Bill McGuire’s “Apocalypse” : A Natural History of Global Disasters… This work, backed up by a body of supplementary research over many years forms, the core inspirational mechanism for the ‘Apocalypse’ that takes place in The Jonker Memorandum. It provided powerful reinforcement to the idea i had about the Nuclear Triple Double tap.

In addition i would like to mention Professor Kevin Warwick, of Reading University in the UK who provided inspiration for the character called Berwick; and whose observations regarding the perceived coming conflict between “Man:U and the Bayern Machine”, form a philosophical staging base point for some of the core ideas in this story. I have never met the man, nor ever communicated with him, and nothing in this story is intended to represent him or any of his views: he was simply an inspiration and i thank him for that.

Three other people who formed key inspirational influences, in the development of some ideas that form themes in this story were respectively: the late Steve Biko, a man with whom i have the strangest links, for his assertion that there was “only one race”; and the late Andrea Dworkin for her observation that “All sex is rape.” Then there was a man, i didn’t know, spoke to once on the telephone, called Bob Shambrook [since deceased RIP] , who gave me a copy of his book: The Total Economic Activity Levy, which, like Huxley’s ‘feelies’, teased me, puzzled me and intrigued me, until i worked it out… The episode involving the “”Shambok solution” is dedicated to him. In the same way i puzzled over the erudite and rational Robert Nozik, specifically his idea that all tax is theft: thanks.

I have used Google in an attempt to make sure that i have not inadvertently copied, in anything i present here, that which someone else has said, without giving due credit somehow through the text. For instance: Aldous Huxley, for his idea of “The Feelies”, that has teased at me over the many decades since i first read Brave New World in the Sixties; and which now reappear in the form of “The Virtuality Game”©.

So if i left someone out, i will remedy that on request; subject that since parts of this story and many other parts of my work have been on and off the web since the nineties, testing responses and working out attention patterning strategies, under various names and pseudonyms; i reserve the right to establish that someone else has not been inaccurately credited with quoting something i said.

That said, i apologise in advance if i have misappropriated your words whoever you are. I call myself a dekonsruktive writer, and a great deal of my text is simply adapted from the daily media. So a rueful thanks to all of you from whom i may have modified plumage or re-presented positions.

Specific thanks go to the late Steve Jobs, whose Apple vision created the MacBook Pro loaded with Garageband that i have used to do all of this. Once it becomes obvious, which took a year or two, this machine has enabled a technomoronic scribbler and general wordsmith like myself to put this story and this message on every mobile and/or other platform that can receive me… producing the ultimate one man show… ; demonstrating that the age of the individual is only just beginning. This is truly magic, by any other name.

I also certify here that all sound effects used and music bridges that thread through each podcast, are exclusively from the Apple MacBook Pro Garageband library, that comes with the licence [ok there are the occasional Hadeda cries, that sneaked in intermittently as those great big birds scrapped over whatever they scrap over].

Thank you too, you wonderful people at Apple’s iStore, in Melrose Arch, Sandton Square, Sandton Main; any other iStore i ever went to, at the Waterfront for instance: for unflagging, polite, assistance. In particular Llewellyn Jones, who sold me the machine… and is always competently available to provide expert, to the point help, when called upon.When he isn’t around there are people like Tumi Rah, Luyanda Yika, John Van Niekerk, Collis Naidoo, Eugene de Beer, Kerwyn Govender: and plenty of others available as competent back up. Thanks to all of you… you epitomise the reason why the iStore is regarded as the world’s best retail experience.

And then right at the end: my partner and the back up team, Mitch and Co at the Amsterdam end of Site5 who have demonstrated continuously and empirically why success in business gravitates to those who provide exemplary five star service. Thanks guys.

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