Regarding Liberalism’s back-stop.

For the Left, whatever it is; “Liberalism” is a stand in for the Financialisation effect that seems to be hijacking Democracy: whatever that was meant to be….

And so-doing catapulting we, humanity, back into a pre-democratic;  neo- feudal, neo-cottage world of elites plus their  entourages of well wishing  ‘lackeys’: versus the rest…  those “left behind”.

On the other hand… To the Right [again whatever that is] Liberalism is a metastasizing disease,  that has eviscerated ordered life: as represented by the bonds of family, community, and customary practices.

According to a writer called Patrick Deneen – “Why Liberalism failed” … “Liberalism has left people economically, culturally and religiously unmoored.”

Since this was its purpose Liberalism therefore can be considered a success; and so the real question is: “What comes next?”

And that is where Liberalism’s difficulty lies.

It has given us a world that is safer, healthier and more survivable than at any time in known human history… And that goes for more of the planet’s populace than ever in the record. So are we so disgruntled with what works that we might jettison it in favour of Authoritarian? Anti-liberalist politics? 

That meme in us, that demands we korekt ourselves: self-kontrol us. Or/and… That we should also be Kontrolled: Have a ‘big brother’ in charge so we can avoid that stuff. It has given us legendary and even post, post-modern models of destructive self-effacement.

i.e. Do this, this way or die. It is self –effacing. Proven to be counter productive to cultures ranging from ancient Spartans to post-modern soviets.   This may be contrary to our most useful survival skills.  Especially given the evolving physical nature of the world presently.


Is Liberalism threatened because it is so successful that it has effectively become Causeless… Punch drunk in fact: with the effervescence of success?

And if the latter then what could its cause be? Some missed relic of the past, like multi-gender public toilets… that need renovation.  Big cause that .


A new campaign from a,  so totally unexpected corner,  revealing something so obvious yet so TOTALITARIAN in its reach: that no one noticed the oddness of it… YET.

And this so obvious idea, that we don’t seem to have noticed… fulfills Mr. Luce’s demand for something so radical, no one ever thought of it… Well except me…  [it seems]. But then, I understand there was a time when both Max Planck and Copernicus were the only people on earth in their respective times who believed their idea. So it starts here. [If nowhere else.]. [And of course I could be wrong… I’m often wrong…. Although so far no has told me why.]

Mr. Maslow referred to the ultimate motivator of human behaviour as Self-actualising. This insight described a characteristic of what could once have been called the Western Canon”. Now gone global: even China will wrestle with it, with huge re-education camps for Uyghur’s for instance.

Self-Actualisation, is ultimately, a drive that must, erase all boundaries that need to be erased to liberate any particular human mind.

And liberate from what?

From inherited meme clusters, that have accompanied our long journey from a time on all fours: and that trap us in what are in reality different points of view.  In the words of Nietzsche “all things are now possible”; subject that, as J.S. Mill [among many] observed… “Your right to swing your arm ends where your fist meets my nose”.

I.o.w. From a liberalist point of view: religions, personal identity, family identity, family itself, geographic identities including national barriers: are each, no more than options, among many.

Alternately. To others these values are the foundations of civil behaviour: and are trustable precedents…. A trustable definable world: “The Here and Now” in Mannheim’s terms. To be defended at all costs, if necessary. And war is the final option.

Phew: The liberalist roles encompass Equality and Liberty; a pair of uneasy bedfellows. The collisions between them call for an almost unprecedented level of tolerance.

That means a tolerance of differences between all of us,. The differences we encounter in pursuit of our common similarities. Those values that are part of our common search for a self-actualising self….

And all within legal and other normative systems, that have accordingly undergone immense change over a relatively short time period, in order to accommodate, one without infringing profoundly on the other.

But all of this history is founded on the unspoken idea that things will continue as they were while changing… And this is not valid. For instance: Some half a billion jobs have disappeared since the great recession and there is little evidence of their return.

In his book “The retreat from Western Liberalism” the writer Edward Luce says on page 197: “Champions of UBI [Universal Basic Income] depict it as a magic wand for the complex problems we all face…. [However] UBI is silent on the future of work.”

It is here however that Mr. Luce himself fails the journey to self-actualization along with everyone else. For in reality it is Liberalism itself that is silent on the future of work.”  And it is apparent from the vast swathes of revenue being created from the New OILFIELDS  that “WORK” has morphed for most into something no one ever thought of.

And given that most modernizing economies today derive more than 60% of their national earning from services. Most, based on data.

Liberalism is also silent on the associated reality regarding DATA; that, along with everyone else, it has missed. 

In other words Liberalism missed the encore.  And ironically so too have every TAXATION  authority on the planet apparently.

And so accordingly we have in this past decade created some of the greatest slave workshops in the story of our long evolution from the wilds.  [see my blog Kolonisation of the Mind]

Data is the new oil.  That is a Reality.

DATA is now yielding massive RENTS in one direction, OR IN A BIG CORTPORATE CIRCLE.

DATA must share the RENT with the suppliers. 

That is the cause and the mission is to achieve it.

More on this idea in the forthcoming blog.

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